[Mailman-Developers] Re: Legal trouble in Germany

Michael Kallas michael.kallas at web.de
Mon Dec 9 10:17:50 EST 2002


On Saturday, 7 Dec 2002 01:21:07 -0500
Phil Barnett <philb@philb.us> wrote:
> On Friday 06 December 2002 12:10 pm, Matthew Davis wrote:
>> So turn off the confirmation so you assume if the user clicks the
>> subscribe, they _want_ to be subscribed.
This definitely is no solution as that was already the assumption
for sending the confirmation email.
>So, how do you then prove that it was them and not someone else?
According to this court, you would have to write an email
instead of being able to sign up via web.
But we all know that it's no problem to fake email addresses.
Therefore this is a "chicken and egg" situation that
could only be solved by reliable identification of the
subscriber :-(
I don't have any solution at hand but just wanted to inform
so that maybe something can be done about it.

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