[Mailman-Developers] unsubscribing an email address from all lists using the UI

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Dec 10 23:20:04 EST 2002

>>>>> "NWC" == NOW Website Coordinator <webperson@now.org> writes:

    NWC> Is there a way to unsubscribe someone from all lists from a
    NWC> web page?  (I'm using 2.1b5).I've found remove_members which
    NWC> works fine for the command line

That's the only official way at the moment, because the user databases
aren't linked in MM2.1 (they will be in MM3.0).
    NWC> and I've even set up a "find" page for myself for one list
    NWC> because the computer slows down horribly to load the UI
    NWC> members page.
There was a bug in 2.1b5 that the first page might show too many
members, but I think the alphabetized subgroups should be much
faster.  This is fixed in 2.1b6.

There's also DEFAULT_ADMIN_MEMBER_CHUNKSIZE but that defaults to 30
which should be plenty fast.


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