[Mailman-Developers] Personalization question

Dan Mick dan.mick at sun.com
Mon Dec 16 20:33:06 EST 2002

Mike Burton wrote:

> Hi Mick,

Dan...and I'd sent this to you privately to try to clarify off-list, but I 
guess my desires are secondary to yours.  Oh well, so be it.

> I take it I didn't make myself perfectly clear.  I understand that this
> is issued per user (thus the name personalization).  At the bottom of my
> lists mails it reads (using user_optionsurl)
> http://jo.birdsense.com/mailman/options/[listname]/mburton%40jo.birdsens
> e.com - this is my mail systems address (jo.birdsense.com).
> What I would expect is
> http://www.birdsense.com/mailman/options/[listname]/mburton%40jo.birdsen
> se.com which is my web server's address.  Note the www instead of jo in
> the address.
> This is what is shown at the bottom of the mailman-users list mails -
> http://mail.python.org/mailman/options/mailman-users/mburton%40jo.birdse
> nse.com.  Again I would suspect that it might want to read
> www.python.org instead of mail.python.org, although I am not sure of
> this one as I am not the admin for that system and really don't know how
> they have it setup and configured.
> Am I completely missing something here?  Are my expectations that it
> would use the web server's address unreasonable?

No, you're not being unreasonable; you just asked a question I couldn't 

So you mean "the hyperlink for the user options has a hostname which is 
apparently wrong; it looks like it's the hostname of the mail address 
rather than the hostname of the web server".  It is, of course, a 
coincidence; if you used dan.mick@sun.com's options, the link would not be
http://sun.com/...., but rather http://jo.birdsense.com/..., of course.
So no, it's not the domain of the email address at all.

Your question is really "why do the hyperlinks in my user-options links use 
the wrong hostname".

The problem is likely in your DEFAULT_ settings in mm_cfg.py (or 
Defaults.py).  See the comments in Defaults.py around DEFAULT_URL_HOST
(assuming you're using 2.1 latest or near to it).

> Thanks,
> Mike
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> >Mike Burton wrote:
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> >
> >>Is there a reason that user_optionsurl returns the mailers
> >
> >address and
> >
> >>domain instead of the web sites address and domain?  Is
> >
> >this intentional
> >
> >>or should a bug report be generated on this?  If it's
> >
> >intentional, what
> >
> >>is the reasoning?
> >
> >I guess I don't quite understand; the whole point of "the
> >user's options"
> >is that it's per-user, yes...what would you expect?...
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