[Mailman-Developers] confirmation of email commands

Harco de Hilster harco.deHilster at cert-ro.nl
Wed Dec 11 17:13:10 EST 2002

Dear developers,

I'am currently setting up a mailman mailinglist with mailman 2.1b5. I'am 
using the beta because
we need the i18n support.

I noticed that every mail send to the mail interface gets confirmed. So 
a subscription by email results
in four messages:

result of subscribe
result of confirm
welcome message

The subscription to this list resulted only in two messages 
(confirm+welcome) which is normal for mailing list subscription.

This is way to much and confusing for the average user. I looked through 
the code, and it is not
easy to fix this. Output is send regardless of the result and the kind 
of message.
A first quick fix is to send command response output only if the command 
fails, but then the 'help' command doesn't work anymore.

Only errors should result in a response mail, and output of commands 
(subscribe, help, etc) should go in a separate message imho.

Any ideas?



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