[Mailman-Developers] Search order for obtaining envelope sender address

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec at ijs.si
Wed Dec 18 02:12:16 EST 2002


I'm new to the developers list, but not new to Mailman,
being happy with it since pre-v1 version.

Just installed 2.1b6, and I have a Christmas wish that I kept unexpressed
ever since v2 came out and broke the old behaviour that I liked,
and is the only one that realiably works here - namely:

Setting the mm_cfg.USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER gives us only two options:
namely the search order Sender:, From:, unixfrom,
or From:, Sender:, unixfrom.

I have to patch Mesage.py/get_sender for every new version
that I install, to make unixfrom override the other two header fields.

Please consider either giving USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER a multivalued choice,
or to provide some other variable or mechanism to specify search order
for obtaining sender address.

I hope I didn't miss something that already makes this possible.

Best regards

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