[Mailman-Developers] White space disappearing in subject header?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Sat Dec 21 18:32:12 EST 2002

>>>>> "NA" == Nick Arnett <narnett@mccmedia.com> writes:

    NA> Does this sound familiar to anyone -- I couldn't find it in
    NA> the known bugs.  I haven't figured out how to reproduce this
    NA> exactly, but some of my users noticed that sometimes Mailman
    NA> is dropping the spaces between words toward the end of long
    NA> subject lines.  They report that they've put the spaces back
    NA> in, but the message comes ot of the list server with them gone
    NA> again.

    NA> If it's not a known bug, I'll look into it some more and
    NA> submit a bug report.

Yes, please do, thanks.

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