[Mailman-Developers] adding to list without confirmation

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Dec 24 16:18:00 EST 2002

>>>>> "ZS" == Ziad Sidawi <ziad at wads.comrites:

    ZS> Dear developers, I would like to keep the confirmation part
    ZS> when someone subscribe thru email.  However, is there a way
    ZS> where a special email can be send to the Mailman where
    ZS> confirmation of the user is not required?

    ZS> let me explain: I have a shopping cart program, and when a
    ZS> user completes his order, I want to issue an email to
    ZS> subscribe this user to the mailing list without having the
    ZS> mailing list sending the user an email to confirm.  On the
    ZS> same hand, I do not want to disable the functionality of
    ZS> confirmation if a user tries to subscribe to the mailing list.

    ZS> I have worked in the past with a mail list program, where
    ZS> emails with a [password] in the subject area, would be
    ZS> verified and if correct (pas for admin) then this email is
    ZS> treated as coming from the admin, and hence the user is
    ZS> registered without requiring confirmation email.

    ZS> Any ideas?

I'd do this by adding a little Python script that calls
ApprovedAddMember directly.  You could probably do this as a little
bin/withlist script.


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