[Mailman-Developers] Problems with Cookie.py while upgrading

Dan Ohnesorg Dan@feld.cvut.cz
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 22:17:46 +0100

One beta tester of czech localization for mailman has me reported this
bug, which I am trying to translate into English.

Mailman 2.0 uses its own modules Cookie.py and imports Cookie class from it.

Mailman 2.1 uses this module from Python 2.2 and renames there presented
class from BasicCookie to Cookie.

And the problem is, that update script will try to remove the unused
Cookie.py, but it will first import it (indirectly) so the whole
update scrtipt fails to execute and has no possibility to delete the
unused file.

I hope, you will know what I mean.


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