[Mailman-Developers] VERP_DELIVERY_INTERVAL not yet functional ?

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 20:10:59 -0500

>>>>> "F" == Fil  <fil@rezo.net> writes:

    F> Dan, I have used your patched version for a while, and the
    F> result is still very random. Some lists don't ever VERP, some
    F> others do. I can't find a reason. How are mlist.post_id
    F> modified ?

I figured out the problem and have a mostly working patch.  There's a
deeper issue involved that I want to fix before I check everything in.
Watch for it later tonight (my time <wink) or tomorrow.

If you're interested: Because OutgoingRunner.py doesn't need a list
lock to do its work, it loads the MailList state once the first time
it needs that list.  It never reloads it, so it never sees the post_id
get incremented.

The quick fix is to move the occasional VERP calculation into
ToOutgoing.py, which is part of the munge-and-moderate pipeline, and
thus will always have the up-to-date list data.

A related, longer term fix is to make sure that OutgoingRunner
occasionally reloads the list data, but that's a bit tricky because we
can't count on reference counting (maybe we could use Python2.1's
weakrefs?) and we don't yet have an API to invalidate the MailList's