[Mailman-Developers] Future: Safe Auto-moderated Announce List

John W Baxter jwblist@olympus.net
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 21:30:24 -0800

I see the basic "how do I let the right people post to this announce list
automatically" question often enough to indicate that there is a perceived

Let's put digital signature technology to work.

For some post 2.1 release (and probably patchable into 2.1 by suitable
people), extend the privacy options to include:

List (two columns...duplicate senders probably allowed for the case of a
work key and a home key or an assistant's key for authorized forging, or
  Automatically post messages from these senders PROVIDED they are
digitally signed using the key listed for the sender.

  Automatically and silently reject (with logging) any message not from a
listed sender and properly signed.

Variations (not silently rejected, etc, if desired...but sending a
rejection message gives the would-be rogue poster information).

It seems to me that this can be turned into a suitable solution to the
auto-moderated announce list desire, without a whole lot of coding.

I didn't see such a feature request on SourceForge...if I missed it I
apologize (I've spent no more than 15 minutes driving SourceForge).

  --John (whose site has about 5 lists which would benefit from this feature)

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