[Mailman-Developers] MM2.1 playground on python.org

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 01:20:54 -0500

>>>>> "BG" == Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> writes:

    BG> I signed up for the playground and selected Japanese as my
    BG> language.

    BG> However, the confirmation mail is either rilly rilly slow, or
    BG> isn't coming.  (It's only been about 10 minutes since I signed
    BG> up, but it probably should have come by now).

    BG> Can you check your logs to see what happened?

Yup, there's a traceback in logs/error (attached below).  Probably due
to the lack of installed Japanese codecs.  I'll have to make Mailman
robust against this situation, and then install the codec on

Tomorrow though...