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I would suggest that a na=EFve/novice net user will be more familiar =
web-based forms and web-based email than the email we know.

As I see it there are two issues here:

The first is to enable users to engage list admins and have their
problems sorted out, while discouraging or eliminating spam being sent
to list admins. For this functionality, a web-based email form can be
created. If you don=92t know the admins email address, you use the form =
initiate your conversation.

The second issue is to prevent the email addresses of list members from
being harvested from the archives. I think that using rendered images
and/or javascript can help here. In implementation, as the archive is
being rendered out, one would scan for email addresses, rendering image
files whose names are hashes of the email address, and replace the email
address with an <img src=3D"hash"> tag. In this way, there would be no
'foo@bar.com' to sift for.

The <img src=3D"hash(email_address)"> approach can also be used for
admin's email addresses on any page of the site.

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> You'll have to forgive me, but this sort of 'too-clever by all'=20
> solution gives me hives.

And you have to be wary of solutions that make it tough for the
na=EFve/novice net user to figure out what needs to be done. Those of us
who geek tend to forget those that don't. And Mailman can't create
systems non-geeks can't figure out, even if your preferred audience is

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