[Mailman-Developers] New uber exim transports/directors

Marc MERLIN marc_news@vasoftware.com
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 00:36:39 -0800

I've modified Nigel's exim transports (hopefully in good).
Please review and tell me if this is fit for a patch to Barry:
(I'll also submit an exim 4 version if those are good)

The director now deals with VERP bounces and with lists that have -command
in their name (like mailman-owner, which gets a mailman-owner-owner alias)
The transport was improved to deal with local_part_suffix containing a VERP

# Mailman commands to run
    driver = pipe
    # In case you wonder, substr_2 removes the leading '-'
    # and the regex removes optional +foo=hostname that can be after -bounce
    # (if you use VERP) -- Marc
    command = MAILMAN_WRAP "${if def:local_part_suffix{${substr_2:{${sg{${lc:$local_part_suffix}}{\\\\\+.*}{}}}}{post}}" ${lc:$local_part}
    current_directory = MAILMAN_HOME
    home_directory = MAILMAN_HOME
    user = MAILMAN_UID
    group = MAILMAN_GID

# Directors magic to support mailman lists without explicit aliases
# We want this director first in case we have a list named something like
# mailman-owner -- Marc
    driver = smartuser
    require_files = MAILMAN_HOME/lists/${lc:$local_part}/config.pck
    transport = mm21_transport

    driver = smartuser
    require_files = MAILMAN_HOME/lists/${lc:$local_part}/config.pck
    suffix = "-bounces:-bounces+*:-join:-leave:-owner:-request:-admin"
    transport = mm21_transport

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