[Mailman-Developers] More building the snapshot....

Ron Jarrell jarrell@vt.edu
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 14:54:05 -0500

At 01:23 AM 2/26/02 -0500, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

>>>>>> "RJ" == Ron Jarrell <jarrell@vt.edu> writes:
>    RJ> Mailman/pythonlib/Makefile needs to get registered, so the 
>    RJ> cvs will realize it can delete it, and the pythonlib tree..
>Something's weird with the cvs repository, I suspect.  I had this
>problem, and then I manually blew away the pythonlib directory, did a
>"cvs up -P -d" and couldn't reproduce the problem. :(

Well, it properly deleted everything else.  But Makefile isn't technically in
the registry, it's made by configure.  So cvs didn't know about it, and couldn't
delete it.  I deleted just it, once I realized what was up, and the next cvs
up -P -d deleted the rest of the tree - so I was suggesting making sure that
cvs new about Makefile.  Maybe add it to the registry, and then delete it :-).