[Mailman-Developers] more snapshot woes...

Ron Jarrell jarrell@vt.edu
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 15:07:55 -0500

At 02:02 AM 2/26/02 -0500, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

>    RJ> So I remembered to with the --without-libdb and compiled
>    RJ> cleanly the first try.  Now I discover that 2.2 is pissed at
>    RJ> my libz, which I haven't changed since I started compiling
>    RJ> python 1.whatever, and works fine with 2.0.  Did I mention I
>    RJ> hate installing python?
>Sigh, I dimly remember something about zlib compatibility, it's got to
>be version 1.0.4 or better, right?  I've got zlib 1.1.3 on my ancient
>RH6.1 Linux box, and Python 2.2 built against it no sweat.

Turns out, the autodetect worked fine on berkeleydb, but picked up
the wrong libraries (ones it couldnt' understand, being too new), so
I had to override that, to get it to work.  However the autodetect
stuff apparently did *not* work on zlib (which was 1.1.3, and has
been for a while on my machine).  It then proceeded to give me
three pages of library errors on linking.  I'm thinking it didn't build
the interface module, but tried to link in the library anyway.  Eventually
I figured out that I had to manually enable it in Setup (btw, the
docs have a certain "tail chasing" quality to them, with various
files point you at files that have comments that say "Well, nothing
*really* uses this file anymore, you should go look at X."  I
found my self wandering from Setup to Setup.config to setup.py
following the bread crumbs...

Eventually my 2.2 passed all its tests.  Which leads to an entirely 
different issue of me wanting a word or two with the person who
developed the sunaudiodev test... Which had never properly built
before, but 2.2 figured out I had one and auto-enabled it.  I was
building and testing on the workstation, and doing some abuse tracking
on my laptop.  Suddenly, after visiting a spam site my laptop yelled
"Noooo one expects the spanish inquisition."  Regular python builders
on sun boxes will already know the resolution to this story.  I freaked,
figuring I'd let some applet through my security software and into my
laptop.  After searching for a while, and revisiting websites, looking
at (bad) html code, (and starting another test run on python going,
after trying another library fix), my laptop suddenly did it again.

I dragged out ever ip and file descriptor tracking program I had, and
was watching the machine like a hawk.  Did another python test on
the sun workstation.  Which, by the way, is in a tower, under my desk,
coincidentally right under my laptop.  Laptop does the monty python
bit again, and now I'm confused, because not a single blip registered
on the monitors - how in hell did the sound get to the speakers, when
I can see none of the audio devices were touched?

Suddenly I have an epiphany... And start cursing.  And type 
"python Lib/blahblahblah/test_sunaudiodev" and hear "Nooo one
expects the spanish inquisition" coming from, I know realize,
under my table...


Two hours later, it was really funny...