[Mailman-Developers] Can't approve/discard/reject subscriptions in 2.1a4

Joel Lord jlord@infomg.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 09:49:31 -0500

   My experience is that this is more than just subscribtion requests -
any moderator request at all will maintain like this.  I now have three
domains worth of the daily nags hitting me - two of them were
subscription requests, two moderated posts (the posts went through, but
the daily nag doesn't get cleared).  I posted a bug report on
sourceforge for this one...

Brett Delmage wrote:
> Problem: I can't clear pending subscription requests by processing them.
> I applied the patch to 2.1a4 below but it doesn't work for me.
> The steps to duplicate the problem are listed below and are very simple.
> I created a new list.
> I subscribed to the list using email, not the web form, using the list
> defaults. The subscription was activated without incident.
> Using Konquerer (2.2.1) as my browser, I modified the subcribe_policy to
> "Require approval" then subscribed to it using a different email address.
> I received the "Your subscription request has been forwarded to the  list
> administrator" message as expected, as well as the list-owner
> notification.
> I went to the Administrative requests for mailing list: form
> and confirmed that the pending subscribe request was shown.
> I selected the Discard radio button end entered a reason, then the submit
> button.
> I confirmed that the rejection notice was mailed to the subscriber.
> However the subscriber was still shown as a subscription request.
> I tried resubmitting the form with the Approve radio button selected. The
> subscriber was sent a welcome message, but still appeared on the form as a
> pending subscription request.
> I selected the Reject radio button end entered a reason, then the submit
> button. The subscriber (supposedly already subscribed!) was mailed a
> rejection notice. And still appeared on the form as a pending request.
> Some users just won't go away ;-)
> If left in this state, the daily oustanding moderations nag is mailed to
> the list owner.
> I've looked at the code but am just learning python (part of my reason for
> using mailman, I figured it was a great 'real world' project to help me
> learn python.) But I couldn't see the problem. Maybe in a month or two...
> I hope the steps to reproduce the problem are helpful. Really, you can't
> help but encounter it.
> Thanks to all those working on Mailman. It's a really impressive list
> manager despite this bug, which doesn't affect the actual list operation
> in any way.

Joel Lord
Systems Architect
Information Management Group