[Mailman-Developers] Error: Invalid value '' for variable: accept_these_nonmembers

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 23:00:54 -0500

>>>>> "MM" == Marc MERLIN <marc_news@vasoftware.com> writes:

    MM> This is in mailman CVS

    MM> I've changed GUI/GUIBase.py with the hopes to output a better
    MM> error: try: val = self._getValidValue(mlist, property, wtype,
    MM> val) except ValueError: doc.addError(_("Invalid value
    MM> '"+val+"' for variable: %(property)s"), tag=_('Error: '))

    MM> I get the error (without my patch too obviously) only one
    MM> install. I can't seem to reproduce it on the list install I
    MM> have on my laptop.

    MM> Any ideas what's going on?

Yup, it's a bug.  Fixed in CVS.