[Mailman-Developers] archives in reverse-chronological order

Kirez Korgan Kirez Korgan" <kirez@cornell.edu
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 03:46:34 -0700


    My mailman archives are configged, by default, in chronological order.

    I need to change them to reverse chronological order.

    I've gone through many of the source files, all the documentation, and
I've inquired a few times on the mailman-users list (one respondent, who has
been very helpful and knowledgeable, said his 2.0.8 archives were by default
in reverse-chronological order).
    Nobody can point me to where I can change this setting.

    I was surprised that there was no toggle switch in the admindb to switch
between chrono- or reverse-chronological order for the archives.

    Could somebody please help me with this?   To clarify: I need my
archives arranged so that the newest (most recent) messages are accumulating
at the top of the archive page, not at the bottom; this is what I mean by
reverse-chronological order.

Many thanks!