[Mailman-Developers] problem with VERP stuffing all the messages in one connection

Marc MERLIN marc_news@vasoftware.com

I was hoping to have a crack at a patch today, but I've been too busy
converting my whole exim configs to exim 4.

When VERP is enabled, mailman apparently  sends all the Emails over one SMTP
When exim  receives more  than smtp_accept_queue_per_connection  messages in
one connection,  it spools  everything without  trying to  resend it. That's
actually very  bad, because list messages  then get delayed by  30mn or more
(waiting on a queue runner to pick them up, one per one, and you can imagine
that it's  a lot  of queue  entries to  clean up  (# of  subscribers x  # of
messages sent in the last 30mn)

I've currently set  that to 1000 on  one of my test servers,  but that's not
very scalable.

Mailman  needs a  MAX_RCPT_PER_SMTP setting  and close  the SMTP  connection
after sending that many messages, and open up a new one.

Or did I miss something obvious?

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