[Mailman-Developers] Marc Perkel's Feature Wish List

J C Lawrence claw@kanga.nu
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 14:27:54 -0800

On Wed, 02 Jan 2002 14:11:59 -0800 
Marc Perkel <marc@perkel.com> wrote:

> I'd like to be able to enter (and/or allow the user to enter)
> other email addresses that if they sens email from the other
> address they have the same membership privileges as the original
> member email address.  Thus if gnu@eff.org is in the list but the
> email comes from gnu@toad.com then it is treated the same. Ideally
> - the user could make these aliases and it would apply to all
> lists the user is a member of.

This has been long requested.  An early motion in that direction is
in 2.1, but its only fractional.  Down the pipe the intention is to
have user accounts which subscribed to lists, with each account
having one or more email addresses, each of which may have a mail
status in regard to each list the account is a member of.

> Right now the url http://domain.com/mailman/admin goes to a page
> that just shows public lists. I'd like to see a link there that
> goes to a master admin page - where you first have to enter the
> master password - and then you get several master admin options -
> including:

> 1) A list of all lists - links to the admin pages of each list
> whether public or not.  2) Menu to create a new list - avoiding
> the need to go to the command line.  3) Change master Password.
> 4) All other master maintenance stuff - checking the database
> integrity - that sort of thing.  5) Delete a list.  6) Options for
> list owners - that would allow/not allow list owners to delete a
> list.  7) Control of other list manager privileges - virtual
> domain owners - etc.  8) Menu to set defaults for new list
> creation - or defaults for new lists on a per virtual domain
> basis.

Again, functionally some of this is already in 2.1 (eg new list
creation).  More generally: Yup, needed, wanted, should be done.

> If I set my password - that should be my password for all
> lists. 

Yup, part of the above coming-some-day-soon user account system.

> This also applies to my real name...

Already in 2.1.

> I'd like a setting so that if non-members post to the list that
> their messages are automatically dropped (bounced) without list
> owner intervention. 

In 2.1.

> The bounce message should be able to be customized giving the user
> information to join the list - or just go to hell.

<nod> 2.1 is much better in this regard, but I'll have to see if it
went that far.

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