[Mailman-Developers] Marc Perkel's Feature Wish List

Dan Mick Dan Mick <dmick@utopia.West.Sun.COM>
Wed, 2 Jan 2002 14:29:09 -0800 (PST)

> > I'd like a setting so that if non-members post to the list that their
> > messages are automatically dropped (bounced) without list owner
> > intervention. The bounce message should be able to be customized giving
> > the user information to join the list - or just go to hell.
> I've got a patch to do that=A0against 2.0.8 which works for new lists.  I=
> someone could tell me what the right way is to add an entry into an exist=
> database I'd have a complete patch.

I think Mailman/versions.py::NewVars() is the one that does all that
sort of stuff.  It's invoked when the version change is detected
in MailList.py::CheckVersion(), though, and that version number
is owned by Barry/the official distro.

I think it's probably difficult to do in a patch so that it doesn't
interfere with future releases.