[Mailman-Developers] One more wish

Jerry Stratton jerry@sandiego.edu
Thu, 3 Jan 2002 10:35:32 -0800

>Another wish... probation. I had a system with Majordomo, daily
>cron rotation of subscriber files, that I liked, hackish as it
>was. New subscribers were unable to send mail to a particular large
>and active list for a period of time (five days in my case) after
>subscribing. This was to force new subscribers to read the list traffic
>and figure out, as much as they could in five days, list culture and
>what is acceptable. That list has lots of "juvenile" subscribers,
>and the probation period is (was) useful to temper their behavior.

A probation period would be a nice spam-deterrent also; I'm pretty 
sure we've had at least one person subscribe first, then send 
advertising immediately, to one of our lists.

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