[Mailman-Developers] One more wish

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Thu, 3 Jan 2002 14:17:40 -0500

>>>>> "LW" == Lawrence Weeks <dev@anabasis.net> writes:

    LW> Another wish... probation. I had a system with Majordomo,
    LW> daily cron rotation of subscriber files, that I liked, hackish
    LW> as it was. New subscribers were unable to send mail to a
    LW> particular large and active list for a period of time (five
    LW> days in my case) after subscribing. This was to force new
    LW> subscribers to read the list traffic and figure out, as much
    LW> as they could in five days, list culture and what is
    LW> acceptable. That list has lots of "juvenile" subscribers, and
    LW> the probation period is (was) useful to temper their behavior.

Although it isn't time-based, MM2.1 will let you set a default
`moderate' flag on a per-user basis.  As long as that flag is set,
member postings will be held for moderator approval.  At the same time
a moderator approves of a member's held posting, s/he can clear the
moderate bit, thus taking the member off probation.  (This latter
feature is only in cvs).

I think a time-based auto-de-probation feature will have to wait until
after MM2.1.

    LW> And how about the oft-requested rotating footers? I looked in
    LW> an alpha release of 2.1 and didn't see it in Decorate.py.

    LW> I'd like this functionality, so I'll make these changes myself
    LW> if necessary. I'll happily contribute patches, but I'm not an
    LW> experienced Python coder nor am I too familiar with the MM
    LW> structure, so it'll likely be an ugly hack. :-)

I'm not quite sure what "rotating footers" mean...