[Mailman-Developers] One more wish

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Fri, 4 Jan 2002 02:01:11 -0500

>>>>> "LW" == Lawrence Weeks <dev@anabasis.net> writes:

    >> The ability to have the list sig (as appended to posts) be
    >> rotated thru a range of possible values.

    LW> Yes... I have a Perl script that did that for me when I used
    LW> Majordomo. It was in the MTA aliases processing, inserted as a
    LW> filter just before the message was sent out to
    LW> subscribers. Majordomo used separate aliases for archiving and
    LW> for delivering to reflective and digest subscribers, so that
    LW> worked well. That script can no longer be used because all of
    LW> those processing streams are internal to Mailman, and the
    LW> filter would wind up putting those sigs into the digests and
    LW> the archives.

    LW> I was considering a hack in Decorate.py which would just call
    LW> that Perl script, or rather, a script specified in the footer
    LW> configuration variable, and use the result as the sig. That
    LW> would make it work again, but something more 'elegant' would
    LW> nice.

Don't hack Decorate.py.  Instead create a new pipeline module, called
something like FooterRoulette.py and stick that in the GLOBAL_PIPELINE
anywhere between ToUsenet.py and ToOutgoing.py.  Then turn off
standard footers for the lists you want to rotate, and add whatever
logic you want in FooterRoulette.py to get the footer templates,
sticking whatever you want in them.

Could all be done with not a lot of lines of Python, and it ought to
integrate well with the current architecture.  The hard part would be
integrating that with thru-the-web customization, but I'd punt on that
to start out with.