[Mailman-Developers] Thread support

barry@wooz.org barry@wooz.org
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 00:23:34 -0500

>>>>> "ES" == Ellen Spertus <spertus@mills.edu> writes:

    ES> The biggest implementation question in my mind is whether I
    ES> should store subscription information in a relational database
    ES> (so I can make the above efficient query) or build on top of
    ES> the exiting pickles.

I don't think it matters, because I would suggest hiding most of the
logic behind the MemberAdaptor interface.  You'd probably need to add
new methods to that interface, and then implement them the most
efficient way underneath.

The biggest trick will be hooking the MailList transactions up to your
RDBM transactions, so that the proper synchronization occurs when
MailList.Load() and MailList.Save() are called.  This will likely
happen in a more principled way in MM3.0.

Pickles (i.e. attributes on the MailList instances) certainly would be
easier to integrate with the MailList schema, but as you point out it
may not be efficient enough.  You might want to start by prototyping
things as MailList attributes, and once you have things working, try
to move data into an RDBMS for efficiency.