[Mailman-Developers] Feature wish: Regexp Filtering on *body* (not just header)

Martin Maechler Martin Maechler <maechler@stat.math.ethz.ch>
Wed, 2 Jan 2002 11:24:27 +0100

This may be lame, because already there.. so excuse if.. (and explain ..)
Please CC me on all correspondence, since I'm not the
m.m.-developers list (I wouldn't be competent!) 

I've been administering a few mailing lists for several years
now, one of which with about 800 subscribers and 30 postings a
day. I started using majordomo these several years ago, before
mailman started (or I heard it started).
To prevent spam (and a few other inadvertent postings),
majordomo (in its majordomo.cf file) has always had a variable
global_taboo_headers (+- what mailman has been having too;
		     although only on a per-list basis, not one for all lists)
and global_taboo_body one -- the one I've been missing in mailman.
This is the one list I've been quite actively updating and I've
caught *lots* of spam (i.e. prevented it from going to the
list). These are things like
  /Credit +(Card|Check)/i
  /Call +24 hours a day,? 7 days a week/
  /\bclick here\b/im
  /\bclick(ing)? (on)? the link\b/im
  m{\bclick(ing)? on this.*http://}i
  /\bplease click\b/im
  /\bplease visit us at\b/im
but also specific known sites

Note that most of these are *not* caught by filtering on the
header lines, since they keep the header lines very minimal and
looking valid.

Is something like this feasible with mailman (2.1)?
I would love to move all my mailing lists from majordomo to
Hi regards, to your good work,
and a Happy New Year!

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