[Mailman-Developers] documentation for config.pck elements?

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 22:38:33 -0500

>>>>> "DM" == Dan Mick <dmick@utopia.West.Sun.COM> writes:

    DM> Actually, I was semi-proposing that MemberAdaptor was mature
    DM> enough to be drop-in-replaced by something that TMDA supplies,
    DM> but I can't quite tell if you're disagreeing or not.

MemberAdaptor, yes, I think it's mature enough to use!
    >>  Neat!  Are you integrating it with Mailman?  I'd love to hear
    >> about your results (you may have already posted about it, I'm
    >> trying to catch up on the list).  It looks like a neat thing to
    >> try to marry to Mailman.  So is TDMA.  Thanks for posting that
    >> link Jason.

    DM> No, I'm not trying any marriage, nor any realtime lookups,
    DM> just using its prewired heuristics (from a .forward file, as I
    DM> don't own my mailserver).  It's a "look at the message and try
    DM> to intuit if it's spam" solution, so it doesn't use any
    DM> whitelisting really (well, there's dynamic whitelisting, in
    DM> that some of its heuristics are "have I ever noted non-spam
    DM> from this address before?")

    DM> I love it so far; it's instantly cut my spam to almost nil
    DM> (from ~30-40 a day) with very few errors.

I lost track, SpamAssassin or TDMA?  I read about SA briefly and it
looks like you could run it in a client/server arrangement.  If the
on-the-wire protocol were simple enough, you could probably write a
pure-Python client and then integrate that into Mailman's handler
pipeline.  If it's too complex, you might be able to wrap SA's C API
in a Python extension module.