[Mailman-Developers] Admin passwords lost after python upgrade

Krischan Jodies Krischan.Jodies@SerNet.DE
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 20:16:16 +0100

I just moved a mailman 2.0.7 installation from our old server
(Python 1.5.2) to our new one (Python 2.1.1). The site and list passwords did 
not work after that. The site admin password was easy to recover but the list 
admin passwords were no fun (too much clicking in the web interface ;-).

Before the change dumdb delivered entrys like this:

'password': 'ktm3d.CsIdg1'

After manually changing the password (using the site-admin password) they 
looked like this:

'password': '\x79\x3d\xd2$>\xc1\x5f\x19M\xd6\x96\x07\xfa\xf1GH',

I believe I already read something about this problem but can't find it now. 
I would suggest to warn people somewere in the distribution - I had no 
problem because I am also the list-admin of all lists, but it would be 
painful to recover many passwords you don't know  (and even don't _want_ 
to know) because they owned by the list-admins.