[Mailman-Developers] Style Sheet (CSS) support

David Champion dgc@uchicago.edu
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 12:33:13 -0600

On 2002.01.17, in <Pine.LNX.4.33.0201171011050.10522-100000@dream.lapseofthought.com>,
	"Dan Rich" <drich@employees.org> wrote:
> I figure this question is probably better suited for this list than
> mailman-users.
> Has anyone looked at adding style sheet support to mailman?  I've hacked
> it into my installtion, since I really need the mailman pages to have the
> same look-n-feel as the site the lists are related to.

I contributed a number of patches in this thread to the SourceForge
repository about 15 months ago or so. They didn't use CSS (since I
dislike CSS and/or the way people use CSS and/or the degree of control
my web browser gives me over interpretation & rendering of CSS), but
they did enable considerable customization of look and feel. I don't
think they've gotten past the 2.0a5 release I wrote them for, though,
and I don't have the time to update them -- it's unfortunately more
economical for me to have a disintegrated Mailman site than to keep my
patches up to date with a CVS version I can't afford to run for real
lists. :)

> The problem is, the support I've hacked in for now only takes care of the
> page background and some basic colors.  It looks like it will be *lots* of
> work to change all of the dynamic elements (banners, tables, etc).  I

My patches cared for color schemes and banners, primarily.

If anyone wants to find them on SF and update them for current Mailman,
please feel free. At the time I wrote them, development was going too
fast for Barry to consider and integrate the patches *or* for me to keep
them up to date, so they're somewhat behind now.

 -D.	dgc@uchicago.edu	NSIT	University of Chicago