[Mailman-Developers] pipermail - threading with subjects

Stuart Donaldson stuartd@alerton.com
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 19:12:35 -0800

The solution my mods implement, basically fixes pipermail to work as it
looks like was intended.  If no message ID based threading is available when
archiveing (ie: no In-Reply-To:/References: headers), then thread the
message after the oldest message with the same subject.  

This has the benefit of grouping messages with the same subject together,
but allows the entire thread list to continue to be sorted by date.  You
also continue to get indentation under the oldest message in the thread.

I prefer the overall date sorting of the threadlist because you can go to
the end and see recent threads. 

Unfortunately, we get very little message-Id based threading on our internal
mailing list, because of our Exchange server stripping out the information.


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I submitted to Barry a few mods to pipermail's archives, one being the order
of messages shown in Thread mode.  It really bothered me that messages
without the message ID
got put in a totally different area of the thread list.  My solution was to
alphabetize the thread list, which is listed in date order.  So at least all
the threads of a
given subject are together, as long as the subject line remains constant.