[Mailman-Developers] Strange problem after a tear of service

Pro-phile Technology Solutions brian@pro-phile.com
Tue, 15 Jan 2002 22:03:48 -0800

I run a hosting company that subcontracts the space on virtual servers from
an outside company. These servers are UNIX boxes. I've had a mail list set
up that revolves about 100+ messages a day through it's doors to over 350
members. I recently upgraded my server space (about 2:30 today) and the list
stopped working at about 2:30 today. Hmmmm. They (the techs) said that the
only thing they did was allocate more space on the servers I was on for me
to use and they touched nothing else. I can tail my e-mail to the SMTP
server and it states that it has been sent, but I get nothing posted to the
mailman list. The directories are still there, and I can get into the html
pages (http://server.server.com/admin/list) but I receive no mail. I'm a
Windows guy (sorry) so I don't totally understand UNIX environments. Ids
there something I should check or try off the top of your heads? I have
several clients on the list and I'm SURE this doesn't look good to them.
Thanks for the help!