[Mailman-Developers] MemberAdaptor.py [missing line?]

donal.hunt2@mail.dcu.ie donal.hunt2@mail.dcu.ie
Sun, 27 Jan 2002 01:55:08 +0000

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>Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 18:57:08 -0500
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>Subject: Re: [Mailman-Developers] MemberAdaptor.py [missing line?]
>From: barry@zope.com (Barry A. Warsaw)
>    DH> should there be a "raise NotImplemented" after the
>    DH> documentation stuff??  ie - is that the general rule to raise
>    DH> with any method in MemberAdaptor that we don't want
>    DH> implemented...
>Not quite, although you're right that there should be a "raise
>NotImplemented" there.  The exception is raised in the method because
>MemberAdaptor.py plays the role of an abstract interface, defining
>method that /must/ be overridden in derived classes.  In practice, it
>probably makes little difference, but I'll add it back for cleanliness.

Yeh - it was more a cleanliness thing more than anything...

>    DH> Currently working on the LDAP authenticator and I don't want
>    DH> people to change their LDAP password with Mailman. :)
>Then you should either no-op the setMemberPassword() method, or raise
>a RuntimeError.  I sort of doubt that Mailman is prepared to capture
>exceptions in the MemberAdaptor methods, so a no-op might be the most
>expedient thing to do.

That's what I wasn't sure about...  There's no point raising exceptions
in MemberAdaptor methods if they aren't caught at a later stage...

Depending on what the LDAP authenticator code throws up, i might add some=

code to the Mailman GUI side, so that the users get a nice message when
an admin decides that password changes aren't permitted via Mailman... 
I haven't checked the code to see what happens presently...

On a separate note (and more on python train of thought...) - is there a
way of working out what types are being returned by Python methods??  For=

example in the OldStyleMemberships class, you return different structures=

for some methods... eg getRegularMemberKeys() returns a marshal (I think)=

If the expected return type was specified in the MemberAdaptor.py file fo=
the method, it would be mighty handy... :)