[Mailman-Developers] bounce processing in 2.1CVS

Dan Mick Dan Mick <dmick@utopia.West.Sun.COM>
Tue, 29 Jan 2002 14:30:43 -0800 (PST)

> 1) are we a member?  No, return
> 2) do we have previous bounces?  No, register it skip to step 7
> 3) is the member disabled?  yes, quit
> 4) is the bounce info from today?  yes, don't increment, skip to step 7
> 5) is the info stale?  yes, reset it and skip to step 7
> 6) increment score for today's bounce
> 7) is score > threshold?  yes, disable 'em.

Yeah, I like that better; at least it handles "I need to reset
my bounce threshold to get out of a hole" better.
>     DM> And besides, that seems like a useful knob to turn (i.e. "how
>     DM> old does the bounce info have to be before I start looking for
>     DM> new ones").
> It might be, but I think for now I don't want to add that.

I suppose I know how to write that much Python.  :)

> I realized you also want to add a step in cron/disabled that performs
> a sweep over the currently-bouncing-but-not-yet-disabled members,
> checking their scores against the threshold.  Say this morning the
> threshold was 4.0 and some member had a score of 3.0.  Then I go in
> and say screw it, set the threshold to 2.0.  I'd like today's
> cron/disabled run to disable all those members with a score of 3.0.

Yeah, good point.