[Mailman-Developers] reply-to setting per user

Marc MERLIN marc_news@vasoftware.com
Wed, 30 Jan 2002 13:05:48 -0800

(following up a  private discussion on having mailman allow  users to decide
if they want reply-to munging or not, not the list master)

> Another thought is to not do the munging in CookHeaders.py, but to
> defer it to later in the delivery process.  If you could wedge it into
> SMTPDirect.py it might not be too hard, but I'd have to think about it
> more.

(feel free to extract this part of the mail and answer on mailman-devel if
you wish)

Ok, so I'm looking at ToOutgoing.py
I need to  
- find out where msg is defined (pointer welcome)
- add a 'munge-users' field
- enqueue the message once as-is
- set munge in msg, modify msgdata  to add reply-to, and enqueue the message
  a 2nd time
While it would be better to have a tri-state reply-to setting per user:
as defined by the  list / leave intact (empty or set by  posting user) / set
that would be hard  because doing #2 is not easy  since the listwide munging
will happen before the actual explosion and delivery to the users.

So, I think we can have:
If  reply-to munging  is enabled  on that  list, ignore  user settings  (I'd
really like to give  them the option to disagree with the  list owner, but I
have to set some bounds, otherwise it's going to be too much work)
If munging is disabled  (which ideally could be done on  a site wide basis),
then  users get  to chose  if they  want to  enable it  (and the  default is
obviously disabled when the user setting is undefined)

As an  optimization, ToOutgoing.py would scan  the user list and  only queue
the  message once  if no  list member  opted for  munging or  if munging  is
already done on a list-wide basis.

Then,  the outgoing  qrunner  when it  picks the  messages,  would check  if
munge-users is set  for that specific message, and only  send the message to
the users whose munging setting matches the value.

I don't  know if and when  I'll be able to  do that (depends on  how my time
gets assigned), but I thought I would run  it by you guys to see if I missed
anything and if  there was a bored  hacker who knew the  mailman code better
than me :-)
(turns out, while I  think this feature would be a great  thing, I don't yet
know whether it will solve my particular problem or not)

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