[Mailman-Developers] [MAILER-DAEMON@mira.linknet.com.au:Undeliverable Mail]

Terri Oda terri@zone12.com
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 14:32:43 -0400

> Because in Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express, if a 
> user is in your addressbook and you send a message to that
> user, only their friendly name ("Keith Moore") appears in
> the "To:" line.  You must click your mouse on the name to 
> see the user@host form of the name.  The workaround is
> to put moore@cs.utk.edu in the friendly name field so
> that moore@cs.utk.edu displays in the "To:" line, which
> is a more natural address for email for many, many 
> people.

Actually, the offending client in this case is Sylpheed, much as I'd like to
blame outlook. (goodness knows, I blame it for Klez.)

I'd have to find someone with a copy of outlook to try it and be sure, but I
think outlook does "user@domain.com" <user@domain.com> which probably
wouldn't have been a problem.