[Mailman-Developers] Re: Opening up a few can o' worms here...

Jerry Stratton jerry@sandiego.edu
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 14:05:46 -0700

>  > Have you seen what the off the shelf OCR systems like OmniPage do these
>  > days?
>Yes -- the performance is awful.  And that's on ordinary printed text
>that's supposed to be readable, not on text that has been intentionally

My experience is otherwise; I use OmniPage 7.0--an old version on our
Macs here at the school--to OCR out-of-copyright texts for placement 
on-line. All of these books are old, and many are dirty, ripped, 
and/or faded. Some are in strange fonts, tiny fontsizes, and multiple 
styles. Sometimes I can even see the text on the other side of the 
paper. OmniPage not only gets the correct text (sometimes text that I 
wasn't even sure about until I saw OmniPage's "guess"), but it also 
keeps the italicization, bolding, subscripts, and superscripts. It 
recognizes columns, and even recognizes and automatically reorients 
when I accidentally put the book in upside down. And this is from 
1997 or earlier technology!

Scanning has come a *long* way from the old Kurzweil washing-machine 
that we used to scan Freud's text back in the eighties.

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