[Mailman-Developers] TMDA in front of mailman-users with no check against thesubscriber list

Fil fil@rezo.net
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 23:10:58 +0200

@ J C Lawrence <claw@kanga.nu> :
> Another possible use for TMDA:
>   The rate of FAQ questions on mailman-users is high, damn near the
>   majority of the posts.  How about setting up TMDA in front of
>   mailman-users with a confirm request text that explicitly asks, HAVE

No! Be very very friendly to anyone coming to you. You can bite afterwards,
but only if they have harrassed you.

I'm copying here the comments I just sent you after testing TMDA-Mailman on
your system (thanks!) - hope you don'"t mind my copying part of your answer.

> > Fil : Otherwise this message looks quite a lot like a "mailer-daemon"
> > message, and most people will discard it.  Maybe that's wanted ;)
> JC Lawrence: Hehn.  true.  I'm working on the wording to be a bit more
> friendly.

Yes. By very definition this message is for newcomers: be very friendly,
very clear about your intents, and very very clear about what they should

Let's try:

    You have just sent a message to <address> - it has been temporariliy

    Please answer to this email to allow your posting to get
    through to the list (or list moderators).

    Thank you.

                                * * *

    Short explanation : in order to fight SPAM (unsollicited mail), we
        (kanga.nu) have decided that the first time someone posts a message
        to the mailing-list system, we would write back in order to confirm
        that it's a real person, not a spammer. Once you have replied to
        this email, your address will be known to us; you'll never have to
        repeat this procedure.

    A longer explanation can be found on our website at http://wwwwwwww
    with links describing : what is spam, how to fight it, and so on.

    If you wish to contact a human about this system, please write to <xxx>
    (This message has been sent by a computer without human intervention.)

Having gone through all of the process, I've received 3 messages from the
system :

1) please reply
2) confirmed : you have replied
3) your message awaitrs moderator approval

I think step 2) is unnecessary in a mailing-list context.

-- Fil