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Bugs item #553385, was opened at 2002-05-07 20:45
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Category: Web/CGI
Group: 2.1 beta
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Daniel Buchmann (avalon)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Translation strings

Initial Comment:
#: Mailman/Gui/ContentFilter.py:38
Minor typo; the entry reads: "Policies concerning
concerning the content [...]"

#: Mailman/Commands/cmd_set.py:186
msgid "    %(status)s (%(how)s on %(date)s)"
I'm not sure I fully understand what this is.
status = delivery status? (disabled/enabled?)
how = how it was disabled?
date = the date it happened?
How is the date written here? In english? According to
the user's language setting? According to the locale?
I believe this information is needed for many
languages, to be able to translate this entry in the
correct way...

#: Mailman/Commands/cmd_set.py
None of the commands should be translated, right?
Should the various "set options" be translated? (e.g.
'ack', 'delivery', 'digest', etc.)

If yes, then the output of the "set help" command would
give the users a translated explanation to english
commands. When they do "set show", the various options
will also be translated, but english commands must be
sent to the <listname>-request address, right? It is
also currently not possible to translate the 'digest'
option (there is no catalog entry for it). And why does
the 'delivery' option have its own entries, when all
the others have entries like this: "ack %(onoff)s" ?

If no, then several cmd_set.py entries could probably
be removed from the catalog, or they must be left blank
so they default to their english value.


>Comment By: Simone Piunno (pioppo)
Date: 2002-05-10 21:54

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