[Mailman-Developers] re: Much cpu/memory load

Dan Mick dan.mick@sun.com
Fri Nov 1 03:03:50 2002

Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> A quick fix for the Archiver problems, until I can debug them more is
> to add the following in ArchRunner.py, just under the "class
> ArchRunner" line:
> class ArchRunner(Runner):
>     QDIR = mm_cfg.ARCHQUEUE_DIR
>     SLEEPTIME = mm_cfg.minutes(10)
>     def _dispose(self, mlist, msg, msgdata):
> This at least makes ArchRunner only run once per 10 minutes.
> -Barry

The problem's affecting me badly right now too.  So far it seems that the 
holdup is in the 'date.html' index file processing; everything else is 
finished, but the "bin/qrunner -r Arch -o" process has lost its little mind 
trying to write the date index.  It's in a loop, chewing up 409600 bytes of 
memory (brk), and then opening, reading, and closing archidxentry.html,
hundreds of times in a row.

It's been doing this for about 15 minutes now.  (yes, one message.)
The process size is 203MB and 196M is resident.

Clearly, there's some horrible misuse of objects in the date-processing 
stuff, but I lost track of the pdb before it got into the date stuff so I 
don't have a lot of visibility yet.  I have a number of files queued up, 
though, so I can try again as soon as it ends.