[Mailman-Developers] re: Much cpu/memory load

Danny Terweij danny@terweij.nl
Fri Nov 1 11:15:01 2002

From: "Dan Mick" <dan.mick@sun.com>

> Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> > A quick fix for the Archiver problems, until I can debug them more is
> > to add the following in ArchRunner.py, just under the "class
> > ArchRunner" line:

> The problem's affecting me badly right now too.  So far it seems that the
> holdup is in the 'date.html' index file processing; everything else is
> finished, but the "bin/qrunner -r Arch -o" process has lost its little
> trying to write the date index.  It's in a loop, chewing up 409600 bytes
> memory (brk), and then opening, reading, and closing archidxentry.html,
> hundreds of times in a row.

As i said before i did also thought it was a loop orso.

So i do not add this quick fix :) i have set the optoin to achrive to mbox
only and at night i recreate the achrives now.
I hope there will be a working fix soon...

Danny Terweij