[Mailman-Developers] re: Much cpu/memory load

Dan Mick dan.mick@sun.com
Sat Nov 2 03:56:55 2002

Sigh.  This isn't making life any easier trying to debug the "Archiver eats 
my machine" problem:

         self._open_index_file_as_stdout(arcdir, hdr)

Any tricks for using pdb with a program that wants to steal

(it's the first invocation of _update_simple_index, the one
for the Date index, that takes all the memory/time; I suspect that's
just because it's the first one, and builds a wad if in-core data 
structures that are then reused by the Subject and Author invocations that 
follow.  But it's pathological, whatever it's doing.  gc debugging shows a 
*wad* of objects stuck in generation 2 (i.e., not leaked, and referred to).)