[Mailman-Developers] Help programming MemberAdaptor...

Dale Newfield Dale@Newfield.org
Sat Nov 2 21:37:07 2002

On Wed, 30 Oct 2002, Martin Whinnery <martin.whinnery@sbirmc.ac.uk> wrote:
> > Err, define "populate".  Is this a one-time thing?  Or do you want the
> > list membership to always come from an LDAP lookup?
> The latter. I help run a large educational campus, and we hold all
> accounts and groups in LDAP. These groups change membership over time,
> and I want to associate mailing lists with some of them. What I don't
> need is the headache of remembering to keep the memberships in sync.

FYI, This is precisely what's taking the SQL MemberAdaptor so long
(besides all my other commitments :-). The designincludes not only normal
mailing lists, but also the ability to set up meta-mailing lists.  The
idea is that there is exactly one "course"  mailing list, but each
individual course "art-101" is a separate topic for which people have
separate subscriptions.  That way the creation of additional courses in
the DB automatically translates to the creation of additional mailing
lists ("course+art-102@birmc.ac.uk", "course+cs-550@birmc.ac.uk", etc.).
It is configurable per list whether or not someone can subscribe to