[Mailman-Developers] 2.1b4+ evaluation order glitch.

Terri Oda terri@zone12.com
Tue Nov 5 00:27:30 2002

> In the longer term I think we'll need to reorganize how holds are put
> on messages.  I'd like to see Hold.py and Moderate.py simply tag the
> messages with hold criteria, and then there would be a separate
> configuration for the precedence of criteria.  And in the admindb
> page, you'd get to see all the reasons why a message is being held.
> If we do it right, it should be better than the current "first hit
> wins" rules.

Ohoh, having *all* the reasons is something my list admins ask me for every
once in a while.  I think I've gotten them all trained to read the message
and figure it out themselves, though, so we can wait 'till post 2.1 :)  

Might be interesting to set it up with rankings a la spamassassin and have
it autoreject instead of sending if the message fits a whole lot of
criteria.  (eg: a big attachment by a non-subscriber tends to be a copy of