[Mailman-Developers] getting mailman to see a new python install

Adam Lacey mradamlacey@hotmail.com
Tue Nov 5 17:06:37 2002

I am trying to get Mailman to "know" that I have a different version of 
python for it to use to run its scripts.

Specifically I compiled in the MySQLdb into python 2.2 and want Mailman to 
be able to import that module... I can run /usr/bin/python and "import 
MySQLdb" just fine, but when i add that line of code into any Mailman python 
class it tells me that it cant import it.

So do I need to reinstall mailman with a different configure option to "see" 
my new version of python? ( dont remember if used that option when installed 
mailman 2.0)

I just used a python2.2.1 rpm to install python by the way.  Also, should I 
just upgrade to mailman 2.1 or the newest release?


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