[Mailman-Developers] Problem with my auto-bounce patch for 2.0.8 in 2.0.13

Peter C. Norton spacey-mailman@lenin.nu
Wed Nov 6 16:21:09 2002

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 08:07:37AM -0500, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> >>>>> "PCN" == Peter C Norton <spacey-mailman@lenin.nu> writes:
>     PCN> However, I've created a bug in the privacy options page.  For
>     PCN> some reason, changes I made to the MailList class in
>     PCN> MailList.py (adding the attribute
>     PCN> self.auto_reject_nonmembers) isn't reflected in the
>     PCN> HandlerAPI.py call to do_pipeline(mlist, msg, msgdata).
>     PCN> AttributeError: auto_reject_nonmembers
>     PCN> I'm not sure what a Delivery exception is caused by, but I'm
>     PCN> inferring from the AttributeError that it can't find
>     PCN> mlist.auto_reject_nonmembers.  how cna this be?  Is there
>     PCN> somewhere else besides MailList.py where MailList objects are
>     PCN> created?  Or is there somewhere special that HandlerAPI.py or
>     PCN> Hold.py is doing?
>     PCN> Help?  I can't suppress obnoxios posters for now, and the
>     PCN> prospect of having to moderate posts from non-members is too
>     PCN> horrible to contempate.
> Remember that existing lists get their state unpickled from the
> config.db file, so just adding `auto_reject_nonmembers' in the
> MailList constructor isn't enough.  New lists will pick up that
> attribute, but existing lists won't have it.

The list did have that attribute, though.  I created it with the
patch under 2.0.8.  Is there a chance that it got re-set in the upgrade.

> You have two choices: either you can conditionalize the getting of the
> auto_reject_nonmembers attribute with something like:
>     if getattr(mlist, 'auto_reject_nonmembers', 0):
> or you can add it to existing lists via the schema update mechanisms
> in version.py.  See NewVars() and remember that you'll have to bump
> DATA_FILE_VERSION in Version.py.

I did that last time.  I guess I can try that again.  Perhaps my patch
put in the wrong (lower) version.


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