[Mailman-Developers] next release?

Barry A. Warsaw barry@python.org
Wed Nov 13 22:41:42 2002

>>>>> "ADC" == Andrew D Clark <andrew.clark@ucsb.edu> writes:

    ADC> I'm wondering how soon I might expect Mailman2.1b5 (or 2.1
    ADC> final!) to be cut loose.  I'm running 2.1b3 and, AFAIK, the
    ADC> bugs I'm looking to have fixed (poor archrunner performance,
    ADC> esp) aren't fixed in 2.1b4, but I'm a bit leery of a CVS
    ADC> build on a production mailing list system.  Can Barry, or
    ADC> anyone else, supply me with a realistic ETA?

Unless unforseen circumstances arise, 2.1b5 by the end of this week.

BTW, I usually run current cvs on my personal domains, and very nearly
cvs on python.org, so if there's a serious regression in cvs, I
usually find out about it pretty quickly.


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