[Mailman-Developers] mailman and voting

Marilyn Davis marilyn@deliberate.com
Wed Nov 6 20:02:36 2002


I am the developer of eVote/Clerk, which hooks onto a maillist-server
in the alias file and looks for commands in the incoming mail that
start with "eVote".  These are diverted and parsed by eVote and allow
any of the members to poll the group and administer the poll.  It has
other super-democratic features, like you can change your vote if you
change your mind, you can see others' votes (if the poll is
initialized as "public"), you can democratically spend budgets.

I'm in a sudden panic because I've been running it with majordomo and
that's old stuff.  The Linux Journal wants to run an article about
eVote/Clerk but they want it to be running with Mailman.  My deadline
is in a few weeks.

Theoretically, it should be a simple thing to switch.  I don't touch
majordomo's code at all.  (I wouldn't mind touching Mailman's because
I love Python.)

I'm hoping that some Mailman expert(s) might be available to help me.

Maybe it'll be easy.

eVote/Clerk source code is at sourceforge.net, if anyone wants to give it
a shot.  The current state of the cvs tree is ready for release, even
though I have not done an official release of it.

Thanks for listening.

Marilyn Davis, Ph.D         marilyn@deliberate.com        -1 650 965-7121
Author of eVote(R)/Clerk                        http://www.deliberate.com 
Board of Advisors, National Initiative for Democracy  http://www.ni4d.org

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