[Mailman-Developers] Translingual Mailing List Functionality

Steven Clift slc@publicus.net
Fri Nov 15 17:07:34 2002

To further develop your idea you might want to contact that folks 
that put together JuniorSummit at MIT:  http://www.jrsummit.net

Back in 1998 they used the lyris e-list server and machine 
translation to connect hundreds of kids all using different 
languages.  Their general approach was to allow all users to indicate 
their preferred first language.  All posts in a different language 
were translated with the post in the original language sent along 
below the translation.  Apparently kids figured out how to make this 
work for them and it was considered a success.  

I am interested in if anyone knows of similar approaches. With E-
Democracy we'd like to host a Spanish-English discussion list using 

Steven Clift

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