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J C Lawrence claw@kanga.nu
Sat Nov 16 00:55:04 2002

On Sat, 16 Nov 2002 01:02:46 +0100 
fil  <fil@rezo.net> wrote:

>> FWLIW I don't believe in rewriting history.  For that reason and
>> others related to it I don't remove messages from archives, or do
>> anything more with X-No-Archive other than laughing while I ignore
>> it.

> Why not. 

The past is immutable, ergo, records which purport to (accurately)
represent the past should be immutable (at the content level).

> I was talking about technical issues: is it efficient to generate the
> pages "on the fly"? are plain-html archives the right answer or just a
> legacy of majordomo? ... but if, by "rewriting history", you mean that
> someone would do it if she can overwrite files on her computer,
> history must be at a high risk today - even HyperArch can rewrite the
> past ;)

Frankly I find this an uninteresting question and problem.  Yes, you can
pre-calculate, just-in-time calculate, or just-in-time calculate and
cache etc.  Those are questions and activities of optimisation, not
basic processing, and from my position, they're questions of
optimisation for a resource which is not particularly limited or
contested.  Disk is cheap and at this level, CPU is cheaper.

Heck, Goggle spiders all my boxes every few weeks guaranteeing that
everything gets generated if I do some sort of just-in-time form.

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