[Mailman-Developers] footer bug or feature?

Barry A. Warsaw barry@python.org
Sat Nov 16 15:21:22 2002

>>>>> "bjoernk" ==   <bjoernk@gmx.net> writes:

    bjoernk> I am using Mailman 2.1b4+ now (thanks for the CVS info
    bjoernk> yesterday!) and I was actually hoping that the footer
    bjoernk> thing I noticed with 2.1b4 would be gone, but it is still
    bjoernk> there. Here is my question:

    bjoernk> A footer message for the mailing list is defined. But it
    bjoernk> only appears every 2nd or 3rd e-mail. I tried to figure
    bjoernk> out a regular basis on which it appears or not, but I
    bjoernk> couldn't figure it out yet. It seems like it is sort of a
    bjoernk> "chaotic" behaviour. Maybe it is a feature? I mean, it
    bjoernk> does appear every so and so often.

    bjoernk> Is there another configuration parameter that interferes
    bjoernk> with the footer message?

Headers and footers won't be added if they can't be done in a
MIME-safe way.  That means the original message must:

- be a text/plain with a charset matching the list's preferred
  language, with no Content-Transfer-Encoding of base64

- be a multipart/mixed

There have been some recent discussions about how to expand those
criteria, but I haven't had time to respond on that thread yet.


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